Amazon Ad Campaign Management

One can leverage a variety of tools within Amazon Marketing Services to boost sales and drive meaningful traffic on their product page. Most new sellers on Amazon reach out and apply these promotion tools in silos, at times it works achieving a spike in sales but beyond a point it doesn’t make any significant traction.

To increase the conversion rate from visiting traffic you need to take advantage of the promotion campaigns and build a combination. We at export accelerator help and develop a comprehensive strategy for success. We have an in depth understanding of the Amazon Marketplace, our experts thus help you identify

  • The right premium tool you need to market
  • Create appropriate branded pages
  • Help you select the right selling product specific to given categories, if you sell in multiple categories we help you identify where you need to drive traffic
  • Our experts help you create custom URL pages for your products
  • Alternatively, we drive traffic with the help of optimised Amazon SEO friendly keywords matching with the shoppers intend. Thus targeting the top of the funnel traffic in alignment with your product.
  • Once you have the right target audience on your product page we assist the shopper make an informed decision by clearly defining the relevant Title, Product Description, Images, A+ Content and Customer Review to convert the click into a purchase