Seller Support

The most practical approach to inventory management on Amazon is the optimal maintenance of the SKUs, if you stock inappropriately it will impact sales, and if you stock in excess, you will have to factor the inventory fees for space usage. In addition to this, lack of a proper inventory plan can further lead to inaccurate forecasting, which is not healthy.

To ensure that you sell profitably on Amazon, you need to keep constant checks on the sales funnel and plan the stock appropriately for specific products. Predicting incorrectly will attract associated storing bills which might eat into your profits.

There isn’t a one-step solution to this situation, but experience of selecting the corrects tools provided by Amazon through the seller central account can help manage the acceptable inventory control. We facilitate by maintaining the Inventory performance index, and give recommendations on how to improve performance by closely observing trends and studying the purchase pattern of the shopper. We flag replenishment alerts, and assist by handling shipment logistics local or in cross border sales, to ensure the warehouse is stocked and help eliminate any delays or in significant revenue loss due to inventory issues.